Oyster White Mushroom


Oyster White Mushroom


Place of Origin: Basud Camarines Norte
FOB Price: P35.00 pick-up price
Note: For Local Market Only
Minimum Order: 100 bags
Packaging Details: Carton or according to buyer’s request
Delivery Time: As per buyer’s request
Supplying Ability: 200 bags per day
Payment: Half Down payment /half upon delivery
Product Specifications
Type: Hardwood Sawdust’s Mushrooms
Style: Composted
Color: Gray
Source: Cultivated
Part: Fine
Processing Type: Sterilized
Shelf Life: 6 months
Product Descriptions
Composted hardwood saw dusts with the ingredients of rice bran, calcium carbonate, and sugar composted for 1 month. After composting fill the pp bags with composted sawdust’s and sterilized with steel drums for 5 to 6 hours or 1and ½ hour in Pressure Cooker. After pre cooling the bags inoculate with oyster mushroom spawns and incubate in the dark room until mycelium is full colonized and ready to deliver to our buyer’s.



Oyster White Mushroom

Oyster White Mushroom –  Fruiting Bags it is a hardwood sawdust mushroom and gray color.

Hardwood sawdust with the ingredients of rice bran, calcium carbonate, and sugar composted for 1 month.

helps to replicate the healthy cells and protects the autoimmune conditions such as flu and the common cold.

It has a lot of benefits on our body it is so antioxidant that help us fight against diseases.

It is really essential to our daily life that we add a mushroom in our diet

If you want your family to become  healthier

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