Mushroom Spawn


Mushroom Spawn


Oyster / Ganoderma / Milky / Straw Mycelium

Place of Origin: Basud Camarines Norte
FOB Price: P80.00
Note:For Local Market Only
Minimum Order: 20 bottles
Packaging Details: Round Bottles, as per buyers requests
Delivery Time: As per bottles request
Supplying Ability: 3,000 bottles per month
Payment Type: Full Payments
Product Specifications
Type: Oyster / Ganoderma Mycelium / Milky
Style: Seeds
Color: White
Source: Cultured
Part: Seeds
Processing Type: Sterilized
Shelf Life: 1 month
Product Descriptions
A medium through which the mycelium of a fruiting culture has grown and which is served as inoculums of “seed” for the substrates in mushroom cultivation is called the “Mushroom Spawn”. Failure to achieve a satisfactory harvest may often be trace satisfactory spawn used. Consideration must also be given to the nature of the spawn substrates since the influences rapidity of growth in the spawn medium as well as the rate of mycelia growth and filling of the beds following inoculation.



Mushroom Spawn

Mushroom Spawn is a medium through which the mycelium of a fruiting culture has grown. Therefore it’s served as inoculums of seed for the substrates in mushroom.

First of all producing Mother spawns begins with the selection and also sterilizing of raw materials. The raw materials are so first cleaned of any impurities using soaking of waters.

Rejel Mushroomcare has advanced technology and processing have improved the quality of mother spawn.

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