Fresh Oyster Mushroom


Fresh Oyster Mushroom


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Hardwood Mushrooms and Fresh Color

Place of Origin: Basud Camarines Norte
Note: For local Markets
Minimum Order: 20 kilograms every two days Packaging Detail: Sealed PP bags 1 kg. each bag
Delivery time: As per buyers’ request
Supplying Ability: 200 kilograms per month
Payment Type: COD
Product Specifications:
Type: Hard wood Mushrooms
Style: Fresh
Color: White
Source: Cultivated
Part: Whole
Processing Type: Packed
Shelf Life: One week
Product Descriptions:
When Oyster mushrooms fruit, depending on the season, the color of the caps are white. Some Oyster mushrooms can be green, pink or yellow in color depending on the species. The fluted caps are shaped similarly to oysters, and they can range in size from two to 8 inches. White gills extend from beneath the cap down a very short to a non-existent stem. Oyster mushrooms are soft and have a somewhat chewy texture. Wild Oyster mushrooms can develop a slight aroma of anise while cultivated varieties are milder. Some say Oyster mushrooms have a slight seafood aroma and taste.



Fresh Oyster Mushroom

“Did you know the nutrients fact of Fresh Oyster Mushroom?” You want to live healthily so try our product!

you can add to everyday dishes to provide an extra serving of vegetable.

It has delivered important nutrients including niacin, selenium, and riboflavin.

Besides that Fresh Straw Mushroom also has vitamin D, ergothioneine, and potassium.

We all want to be a healthy individual that we can do everything we want and desire in our life but some sicknesses can be a hindrance in attaining our desire, it can be prevented by a healthy living indeed just try our product now.

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