Fresh Milky Mushroom


Fresh Milky Mushroom


per kilo

Dry banana leaves and Dry rice straws Style

Place of Origin: BasudCamarinesNorte
Note: For local Markets
Minimum Order: 20 kilograms every two days
Packaging Detail: Sealed PP bags 1 kg. Each bag / as per buyers requests
Delivery time: As per buyers’ request
Supplying Ability: 200 kilograms per month
Payment Type: COD

Product Specifications
Type: Dry banana leaves and Dry rice straws
Style: Fresh
Color: White
Source: Cultivated
Part: Whole
Processing Type: Packed
Shelf Life: Two weeks

Product Description
The Milky mushroom is a very large variety with multiple stems often growing from a single base. It is pure white from base to cap with a thick meaty stem and a solid disc-like top. It has a lower spore content than the commonly cultivated oyster species, and therefore less of an allergen. It also has an excellent shelf life as compared to oyster or button mushrooms and a rich source of protein and Vitamin B. It offers flavors similar to that of a button mushroom with a tender yet pleasantly chewy texture.



Fresh Milky Mushroom

Do you want to live healthily? so why not try our Fresh Milky Mushroom to your recipe?

is a very large variety often with multiple stems growing from a single base. From the name Milky Mushroom because of their white color

The Nutritional value of Fresh Milky Mushroom is a rich source of protein and vitamins B2 (riboflavin), E and A as well as phosphorus, potassium, and selenium.

It is good to our body some doctors and medical practitioner also recommend us to drink some fresh milky  it has antioxidant properties that can boost our immune systems, stronger our immune system for our to fight bacteria and sickness dullness in our body

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