Dried Ganoderma Mushroom


Dried Ganoderma Mushroom


Hard wood sawdust Mushroom

Place of Origin: Basud, Camarines Norte
FOB: P50.00 per pack
Note; for local and Export Markets
Minimum Order Quantity: 100 packs
Packaging Detail: As per buyers requests
Delivery Time: As per buyer’s requests
Supplying Ability: 100 kilograms per month
Payment Type: COD

Product Specifications:
Type: Hard wood sawdust Mushroom
Style: Powdered
Color: Dark Red
Source: Cultivated
Part: Whole
Processing Type: Sliced
Shelf Life: 3 years

Product Descriptions:
As health food and medicinal
For the past 20 years, interest in the medicinal aspects of mushrooms has greatly been stimulated by the large number of scientific studies conducted on mushrooms. Folklores have provided clues for potential sources of medicine from mushrooms as well as from herbal plants. Using modern approaches, scientists have isolated and identified specific components that can either destroy or at least debilitate three of mankind’s killer disease: cancer, heart disease and AIDS. As a result, a vast body of scientific literature concerning mushrooms has been published since the 1970’s mostly in hospitals and research institutions in Europe, Japan, China and the United States. The most recent introduction of a medicinal mushroom is Ganoderma. The fruiting bodies have traditionally been used for medicinal purposes and for thousands of years have been regarded by the Chinese to be a high quality herbal medicine. It has been used clinically since ancient time in China for treatment of fatigue, coughing, asthma, indigestion,
neurosis and a variety of diseases. Early reports indicated of the ability of Ganoderma to improve body functions, increasing its healing ability while maintaining a healthy and long life. It is now well establish from in vitro and in vivo studies that Ganoderma can help fight viral diseases, and modern research has proven its anti-tumor and interferon-inducting actions. Considerable data now indicates that Ganoderma basidiocarps have several components responsible for the inhibition of HIV multiplication. Today, Ganoderma is available in many countries in the form of fruiting bodies, capsules, tonic and instant teas and is grown in culture all over Asia. In California, Ganoderma is sold in Chinese stores in dry forms, without the need for pre- processing into teas.
How to prepare Ganoderma Tea:
 5 grams sliced Dried Ganoderma
 1 liter of water
 Clay pot
1. For person daily usage of 5 grams, add 1 liter of water and boiled for 1minute using low heat
2. The boiled Ganoderma can used again until the bitter taste I gone, usually it is good for 2 to 3 times of boiling
3. It is best to drink before its meal. For people with stomach problem, have the brew after each meal.
4. If you dislike the bitter taste, add pure honey or glucose (avoid the use of sugar).

Doctor Roberto T. Quizon Testimony about Ganoderma Mushroom
My name Roberto T. Quizon, M.D. retired but still actively practicing medicine “Alternative complementary Medical Practice” At my clinic residence address: 108 8thavenue, Cubao, Quezon City. I am an 83 year old Medical Practitioner UST “Class 52” a General Surgeon with training at UST Hospital and in the U.S.A. Christ Hospital in New Jersey City and had several post graduate courses in the U.S.A. (PAM – 514916371-2-08).
Now, I only came to know Ganoderma Mushroom from a certain Teddy Laurie from Bicol. I used “TEA” for my patients routinely for my “cancer patients” who are also suffering from Diabetes and hypertension and other degenerative diseases the Diabetes and Hypertension comes under control easily. So Ganoderma is very effective for my short clinical experience. My further research affirmed the used and the usefulness of Ganoderma. As evidenced by “Chinese Medical Research and also from Japan, this mushroom has been used for “Centuries already in China “to cure all diseases afflicting mankind, in other words a “cure all”. I want to inform the poor patients who have suffering from all types of “Degenerative Diseases” to please try to get in touch with me so I can help. I am now trying my best to help Teddy (my source) to find ways to lower the costs. This is the main reason I want to promote Ganoderma Tea which is the cheapest available remedy for all “poor” patients who cannot afford expensive standard or western medicines. More patients and maybe doctors should know this vital information. I have been using almost all types of alternative herbals. Enzymes, Fruit
juices, etc.local and imported for the several decadesof my medical practice but I find Ganoderma the least expensive but potent herbal to combat most “DEGENERATIVE” diseases that is afflicting most human due to unusual worldwide Pollution, Toxic and Stress. Now a day around the world, not only in the Philippines.




Dried Ganoderma Mushroom

Dried Ganoderma Mushroom have antibacterial powers so Studies have reported that Dried Ganoderma mushrooms may have antibacterial powers, with direct anti-microbial effects against the proceeding organisms.

Ganoderma mushroom has also found that when used on a regular basis, increases antioxidant levels.

Ganoderma mushroom also may be useful in boosting the immune system.

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